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Main settings

Changing The main settings

The default customization settings are stored in the config.json file which you can access through:
Anki's menu bar ➡️ tools ➡️ add-ons choose "Beautify Anki" then > Configuration
and it looks like this:
"animation": true,
"change answer buttons": true,
"date_format": "eu",
"note_correction_factors": {
"English": 2,
"Fr": 2
"theme": "default"
Default value
possible values
set it to true. if you want the background to cycle through the 5 background images and to have text animation. Or, false to turn all the animation off.
true , false
change answer buttons
set it to true if you want to change the appearance of the answer buttons
. Or, false if you are using other addons that changes the answer buttons like Minimal Flat Big Buttons or Large and Colorful Buttons
true , false
to change the date format in the remaining widget in deck overview pages
  • "us" displays as "%m/%d/%Y", meaning Month/Day/Year, ex: 04/26/1994
  • "asia" displays as "%Y/%m/%d", meaning Year/Month/Day, ex: 1994/04/26
  • "eu" displays as "%d.%m.%Y", meaning Day.Month.Year, ex: 26.04.1994
If you want the add-on to display the number of notes in a deck, instead of the number of cards in the config Edit the note_correction_factors as follows to add a line that includes the beginning of the deck name (including all superdecks) and the number of different cards in the note type in the deck. example : "note_correction_factors": { "Custom": 2 , "English" : 3 }
using note correction factor
without using note correction factor
to select the theme of the addon
"default" , "starry" , "flamingo" , "sunrise" ,"your custome made theme"